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The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons: The Complete Series

Boxed DVD Set:$105.00

The Jeffersons: Season 7

Boxed DVD Set:$12.01

The Jeffersons Seasons 1 & 2

Boxed DVD Set:$3.99

The Jeffersons: Season 8

Boxed DVD Set:$13.45

The Jeffersons: Season 5

Boxed DVD Set:$8.09

The Jeffersons: Season 6

Boxed DVD Set:$5.95

The Jeffersons - The Complete First Season

Boxed DVD Set:$5.29

The Jeffersons - The Complete Third Season

Boxed DVD Set:$29.95

The Jeffersons - The Complete Second Season

Boxed DVD Set:$5.94

Louise's Painting

Boxed DVD Set:$1.99

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The Jeffersons are one of the iconic television series of the 1970s.  The show was originally a spin-off from the very popular sitcom All in the Family.   All in Family’s centered around the Archie Bunker and his family which initially included his wife Edith, daughter Gloria, and son-in-law Michael ( who was often referred to as “Meathead” by Archie).  Archie was a bigoted man and held low views of women and people of different races or nationalities.  Of course Archie was not happy when the Jeffersons moved next door to him in the mostly white suburban neighborhood.  The Jeffersons, George and Louise, were a successful middle class family that found wealth in running a dry cleaning business.   Archie and George proved to be nemesis.  It also turned out the George was as a big a bigot as Archie.  Later on the Jefferson moved out and moved to a penthouse apartment.

The Jeffersons television show began with the family in their penthouse apartment.  We saw the relationships that the Louise and George had with extended family and neighbors living in the building.  George and Louise had one son, Lionel, that later married and had a child with Jenny Willis.  Jenny was the daughter of the interracial married couple Tom and Helen Willis.  Tom and Helen also lived in the same building as the Jeffersons.   

Another key character in the show was the Jeffersons’ maid Florence Johnston played by Marla Gibbs.  Florence was the maid for the Jeffersons.  As the series went on she took on more of a lead role in the show.

The Jefferson ran for 11 seasons on CBS before it was canceled in 1985.  The show is seen on many different local and cable networks in syndication.   

In addition to being able to view The Jeffersons on televisions fans can watch the show on DVD.  Boxed DVD sets of the seasons of the show are available for purchase.