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Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder is a medical mystery and drama television series. This particular series featured Dick Van Dyke in the role of Dr. Mark Sloan as the main character of the show. The original plot of the series involves Dr. Mark Sloan's adventures as he continued to crack the latest murder case with his son playing a homicide detective. Barry Van Dyke played the role of Dr. Sloan's son and was actually the real son of Dick Van Dyke. The show debuted on October 29, 1993 and was a part of the CBS television network.

Eventually the show was canceled on May 11, 2001 after 178 episodes. Unfortunately, the show continued to operate with the imminent threat of being shut down after the first few episodes. Eventually the general public caught on the great amount of talent that was found in the plot of the show as well as with the actors.

Dr. Mark Sloan was a well-known physician in the show. He was eager to help the police department in his town and could definitely not stay away from a good mystery or the opportunity to help family or friends that needed his expertise. The cases were given to Detective Steve Sloan and were also solved with the help of Norman Briggs. Dr. Amanda Bentley was considered to be Dr. Sloan's sidekick in the episodes. In addition, residents such as Dr. Jack Stewart and Dr. Jesse Travis eventually helped Dr. Sloan cracked the various murder cases.

The show could be considered a spinoff of Diagnosis: Unkown that was originally aired in July of 1960. Both of these shows revolve under the same wants and shared a similar title. One of the unique features of Diagnosis Murder is the fact that it often think would it just actors that reenacted their character roles from different classical television series. For example, Mike Connors reenacted his character that was found in Mannix in an episode in the fourth season. The plot of this episode can be considered the second part of the Mannix episode that was titled "Little Girl Lost."

The series focused mainly on the location of the Community General Hospital. The Chief of Internal Medicine is Dr. Mark Sloan. The Marriott Hotel located in Woodland Hills, California was used to portray the exterior portion of the hospital during the last three seasons of this series. The series was also aired in international locations such as Germany, Australia, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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