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Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch was a television series that ran from the fall of 1969 to the early part of 1974. The series consisted of a man, Mike, who was widowed and was raising his three sons by himself with the help of his live-in housekeeper, Alice. Mike was an architect. His three boys names were Greg, Peter and Bobby. Their dog was named Tiger.

Mike met Carol, who was raising three daughters by herself. The television show never reveals whether Carol was widowed or divorced. Carol’s three daughters were Marcia, Jan and Cindy.

Mike and Carol hit it off immediately and they wed. They became a blended family and Carol’s children took their step-father’s last name, which was Brady.

The Brady Bunch was focused on the lives of this blended familiar that shared a lot of love. The television series takes you on the day-to-day adventures of family life in a household of kids and their growing up trials and tribulations. They focus on the usual ups and downs that kids growing up go through. The parents celebrate their children’s accomplishments and guide them down the bumpy road from childhood through the teenage years while enjoying their new marriage together.

During the tail end of the original series a brand new animated television was created that was based on the Brady children.  The series, “The Brady Kids,” aired for 2 seasons and was voiced by the same actors that played the Brady children on “The Brady Bunch.”

After the show ended in 1974  we saw some updates of the fictional Brady family in made for television movies and some short-run sitcom sequels.  Each of the television movies saw a lot of fan appreciation as viewers tuned in to see what happened to the Brady family over the years, but each of the aspiring sequels met a quick demise. 

One of the first spinoffs was “The Brady Bunch Hour,” which aired for one season in 976.   This program was a variety show.   In this program the family moved from their home into a beach home.  Jan Brady was not played by Eve Plumb, but instead by Geri Reishcl.   
Our first television movie, “The Brady Girls Get Married,” aired in February 1981 and reunited the whole cast as Jan and Marcia marry their husbands in any double wedding.   The wedding marked the beginning of a new sitcom, much like the wedding of Mike and Carols wedding started the successful “Brady Bunch” television series.   But this new series, “The Brady Brides,” would not meet the same success as its predecessor and was canceled in the first season.  This would not be the end for the Bradys. 

In 1988 “A Very Brady Christmas” aired in December with the addition of some Brady grandchildren.  In this movie Susan Olson did not reprise her role of Cindy, but it was played by Jennifer Runyon.   Again this movie would lead to a new sitcom television show called “The Bradys.”   Just like “The Brady Brides,” this new show was short lived and only had 6 episodes.        


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